Instructions for using cards

  • 1. If there are five consecutive ultra-small pending transactions, with a payment amount showing $0, your card may face suspension and no refund will be issued
  • 2. Please do not bind any payment financial products, cryptocurrency, or other high-risk platforms.
  • 3. Please avoid having your card transactions rejected for the following reasons, as multiple rejections may result in the card being frozen and no refund will be issued. Reasons include INT’L PURCHASES NOT ALLOWED, MCC not allowed, MCC IS NOT AVAILABLE FOR USE, MCC IS INVALID, INVALID PROCESSING CODE
  • 4. Card overdraft may result in card suspension, and no refund will be issued
  • 5. Please avoid high-frequency transaction decline. If the decline rate exceeds 15%, and there are five consecutive rejections, your card will be canceled, and no refund will be issued
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